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2023/24 Live Trainings

Each Program Year, ERMA will sponsor the hosting of one approved training session per member agency. Please see the ERMA Events Page for the schedule of 2022/23 trainings.

Training Resources

ERMA offers individual and interactive online training sessions for AB 1825, AB 1234, and SB 1343 that are available 24/7.

Employee Protection Line

Harassment, discrimination, theft, violence, fraud, unsafe acts and other forms of wrongdoing hurt everyone. Report wrongdoing to your manager or supervisor or contact the Employee Protection Line.

Attorney Hotline

ERMA members have access to one hour of free legal advice per month from one of two law firms who specialize in defending public sector employment practices claims.

Defense Panel

All litigated ERMA claims must be handled by an approved panel member and assigned by the ERMA Litigation Manager.

Investigator Panel

Resolution 2021-7 permits a member to select an investigator if an outside investigation process is warranted. The claim must be reported to ERMA and approval obtained for use.

Claim Services

Prompt, investigative claims handling from the onset of the claim, will significantly reduce your costs including fees, litigation, and reserves. ERMA claims are handled internally by ERMA.