ERMA 2024/25 Employment Practices Policy Review Program

During the 2024/25 program year, all ERMA members are encouraged to participate in the Employment Practices Policy (EPP) Review Program. Members have the opportunity to have their eight (8) most critical employment practices policies reviewed by Liebert Cassidy Whitmore. The policies we will focus on are:

Completing the Survey

To begin the process, please complete the survey provided by our partners at iLearning Engines. To access the survey, please log into ERMANet.  For detailed instructions on accessing and completing the survey, please utilize the EPP Administrative Guide found here. If you need further assistance with completing the survey, please email [email protected]

Grant Fund Options

Training and Risk Management Grant Fund – Every program year, ERMA members have access to $2,500 for human resource and employment-related training and loss control expenditures. An eligible expense includes policy updates, and members can use the grant fund to reimburse any costs they incur during the review process. For the 2024/25 EPP review program, the ERMA Board of Directors has decided that members can carry or ‘roll’ over any remaining grant funds from the 2023/24 program year. Please note that this new allowance is specific to the EPP review program and cannot be used for any other reimbursable expenses. To submit a reimbursement, please complete the online Training and Risk Management Reimbursement Request form.

Employment Policies and Procedures Support Fund – For the 2024/25 EPP review program, the ERMA Board of Directors have allocated separate grant funds to aid members in updating their policies during the policy review process. The Employment Practices Policies Support Fund is a one-time grant. Members can apply for amounts ranging between $1,250 and $2,250. To apply for the support fund, members should complete the online form found on the ERMA website. Members should attach a brief memo explaining why your agency requires additional support.

For more information, please review the July 2024 ERMA Training Bulletin. If you require further assistance or have questions, please email [email protected]