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 Employment Practices Training

Managers and supervisors face greater challenges today than ever before, and those challenges will only increase tomorrow and beyond… in the workroom, the conference room and, unfortunately, the courtroom.

As part of ERMA’s commitment to helping you maximize your risk management strategies, ERMA offers training in the following ways:

  • Live Training - These are scheduled trainings in regional locations and they are free to ERMA members! Participants will receive sexual harassment training which satisfies the state-mandated requirements of AB 1825 and develop practical strategies for preventing loss and managing risk. Be sure to check our calendar for training dates and registration.
  • Online Training - These are individual and interactive online training sessions for AB 1234, Ethics Education, and AB 1825, sexual harrassment, that are available 24/7 through in2vate, at
  • Individual Paid Training - ERMA also provides individual on-site training, for a fee. To request a date and fee, please contact us. 
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