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 Special Note

Please note that all assignments to approved defense counsel must be made by the Litigation Manager.

ERMA's Memorandum of Coverage requires that all ERMA matters must be handled by one of the law firms on ERMA's Approved Defense Panel in order for any defense costs to be credited against the member's self-insured retention. All litigated ERMA claims must be handled by an approved panel member for ERMA to defend and indemnify the member. The assignments are made on a claim by claim basis. If a member has a preference for a particular firm/attorney on the Approved Defense Panel, please contact ERMA's Litigation Manager to discuss the assignment.


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Please contact: 

Kathy Maylin 
Litigation Manager

 Defense Panel

Liebert Cassidy Whitmore

Geoffrey Sheldon and Mark Meyerhoff (LA & San Diego) / 310.337.0837

Suzanne Solomon and Morin I. Jacob (San Francisco) / 415.512.3000

Jesse Maddox (Fresno) / 559.256.7800

Jackson Lewis, P.C. 

Michael Christian (Sacramento) / 916.341.0404

Cepideh Roufougar (San Francisco) / 415.394.9400

Jared L. Bryan (Newport Beach) / 949.885.1366

Allen, Glaessner, Hazelwood & Werth

Peter Glaessner and Steven D. Werth (San Francisco) / 415.697.2000

Best Best & Krieger LLP (offices statewide)

Howard Golds (Riverside) / 951.826.8339

Carpenter, Rothans & Dumont 

Steve Rothans and Jill Williams (Los Angeles) / 213.228.0400

Kronick, Moskovitz, Tiedemann & Girard 

Bruce Scheidt (Sacramento & Bakersfield) / 916.321.4500

Law Office of Vincent P. Hurley (Central Coast) / 831.661.4800

Lozano Smith (offices statewide) 

Mark Kitabayashi (Los Angeles) / 213.929.1066

David Wolfe (Fresno) / 559.431.5600

Porter Scott 

Michael Pott (Sacramento) / 916.929.1481

Richards, Watson & Gershon

Saskia Asamura (Los Angeles) / 213.626.8484

Sacks, Ricketts & Case

Todd Simonson and Steve Chiari (San Francisco) / 415.549.0580

Stubbs & Leone

Louis Leone (Walnut Creek) / 925.974.8600


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